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If you are interested in bidding opportunities with the CI SQUARE GROUP please submit your contact information to  Please include your trade, cell, and email address.


At the CI SQUARE GROUP, we're always looking for talented individuals who want to share our commitment to advance the construction process.  If you are interest in pursuing a career with us, please submit your resume to  


Building relationships and TRUST is the foundation for our business.  CI SQUARE GROUP’s attention to FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY during the entire construction process is instrumental in developing these relationships.  We continuously strive to grow these relationships before, during, and after our construction projects are executed.


The CI SQUARE GROUP is COMMITTED to providing VALUE for our Owners and Design Professionals by utilizing efficient means and methods to streamline the construction process – saving our Owners and Design Professionals time and money. Our quality control procedures ensure that our projects are completed with the highest level of QUALITY.